Two Country Hens Smackass Gap Trail Mix

Two Country Hens Smackass Gap Trail Mix

Two Country Hens

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It is much easier to describe the location than to tell how the name came about. After all, look in MapQuest and there is only one Smackass Gap in the USA and that is just about 10 miles me. On the other hand, there are many stories on how the name came about. The most common is some version of this: When hauling moonshine, the pulling was typically done by mules. There are mountains everywhere and the easiest crossings were in gaps between the mountains. One particularly steep and difficult gap caused the mules to frequently balk – resulting in: you guessed it. A slap or two on the ass. They could’ve used a little extra energy from a good trail mix!

Smackass Gap Trail Mix is another wonderful mix of different nuts with diced coconut and banana chips. They are selected to blend the flavor of Bing cherries, almonds, roasted cashews and raw pumpkin seeds.  Oh, did I mention, it also has the best darn white chocolate drops ever? YUM!

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