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Did your horse or pony get injured? It may be a simple wound, a puncture, a scrape or worse. Some equines just seem to find trouble when it comes to injuries. Cuts/wounds/injuries on a horse or pony can be resolved, in record time, and best of all, painlessly to your horse and your wallet, with Banixx. The quick results are due to Banixx’ unique pH solution. Simply stated, bacteria (aka infection) cannot grow in an environment where Banixx is present. Hence, apply Banixx, then say goodbye to infection.

Method of application: It may be sound practice to wear surgical type gloves when treating your horse or pony to keep from introducing additional bacteria. Start by flushing your horse’s or pony’s wound with plain water only if needed. Allow it to dry or pat the area dry with sterile gauze or a clean towel. Apply Banixx Horse and Pet Care Spray with a gentle spray directly onto your horse’s or pony’s wound (cut, tear, laceration or puncture). Apply Banixx twice daily until the desired result is achieved. As the repair process is taking place, the new tissue is delicate, therefore, be sure to turn the spray nozzle to the gentlest application on this tissue to preserve its integrity. A high-velocity spray will merely disturb the granulation tissue (repair tissue) and slow down the recovery. Another idea, depending on wound location, is to gently drizzle Banixx from a point above the wound so that Banixx gently runs over the wound.

Keep yourself safe when administering equine wound care. Although, fortunately, Banixx will not burn or sting your horse, it is water-based and the feel of the solution on your horse’s skin may come as a surprise. Moreover, when treating your horse’s wound, make sure that your Banixx spray is room temperature; this is a more pleasant sensation for your horse rather than a cold substance being applied. Do not mix Banixx with other products since this will dilute or neutralize Banixx and slow the repair process. Once you have applied Banixx, just let it go to work. Banixx stays “active” for several hours so make no attempt to wipe or hose it off, it is a leave-on product. It can be reapplied/applied many times a day without any negative effects.

While Banixx is a powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, it is also extremely tissue-friendly for your horse or pony and will not irritate or cause damage to even the most sensitive areas. Moreover, Banixx is clinically proven safe around the eye, hence no worries when dealing with even the most skittish of horses that may swing their head and get a dose of Banixx in the face! It contains no alcohol, tea-tree oil or iodine to cauterize tissue. For these reasons, Banixx is ideal for use with young, nervous, uneasy horses and ponies, or other animals that may be difficult to treat. Find Banixx near you or buy online.

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