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Grooming your equines and ponies is simple if you visit Cohutta Country Store in Blue Ridge, GA They have everything you need to take care of your animals, specifically when it comes to grooming. Just like you, your horse needs to be groomed often to keep their coat, mane, tail, and unguis always looking their finest. Normally brushing and combing daily suffices to maintain them looking nice on non-working days, but when it comes time to show or race, they require to be looking the absolute best. That asks for using the most effective products available to keep their coat shiny, their mane and tail tangle-free, and their unguis looking shiny. Top-quality shampoos and conditioners are needed to keep your horse's skin and coat moisturized and in good condition. Some shampoos can dry their skin and leave their coat plain and uninspired. At Cohutta Country Store, you will constantly be able to discover the best brand name shampoos and conditioners for their coats, manes, and tails. With the right shampoo and conditioner, hairs and tails will be free of tangles, making them look full and flowing at all times. Their coats will glisten and shine, full of vitality and vibrance that can only be achieved with consistent care and the ideal products. Hoof conditioners are also available. When hooves aren't properly taken care of, they can crack and split making it tough for your equine to walk or canter. Keep them well-conditioned and your steed will thank you for it. Along with the best shampoos and conditioners, Cohutta Country Store also carries numerous different sorts of brushes and combs that you can make use of. Brushes not only make your equine's coat luster, they also eliminate any excess hair and can promote the skin, encouraging new hair growth and keeping their coat full and glamorous. Combs are used on hairs and tails to remove tangles and enable the hair to flow freely. The right type of comb will allow you to easily braid or style your horse's hair and tail to fit any sort of clothing or decoration. Cohutta Country Store also carries several grooming tools consisting of shears, trimmers, ribbons, and other grooming products that you may need periodically. At Cohutta Country Store, we take your grooming requirements seriously. Our staff can answer your questions and make certain you have all of the right tools you require to keep your equines and ponies always looking freshly groomed. Visit our Cohutta Country Store in Blue Ridge, GA or call (706) 946-6366 to find out if what you are looking for is in stock!

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